Thursday, August 5, 2010

Around Here

So, things have been pretty mundane around here. I mean it is August in Alabama so anything that doesn't involve sitting inside in the air conditioning is pretty much off-limits right now. I mean seriously if I go outside, I can feel my appendages starting to drip and it isn't from the sweat, it is because I am melting. Seriously, being made of sugar is not good in the South.

No for real, I know it is hot but it is also a widely known fact that we live in the South where it is cool for approximately 2 months of the year. It is known, so I am choosing the suffering by staying here, so I can't complain. Even though I do, but I am done because I do realize that I have control of the climate I choose. For me, I can stand the heat in order to have sweet tea, casseroles, seer sucker, boots, camo and a cute Southern drawl. Not to mention Mint Juleps on the wrap around porch every afternoon to beat the heat while walking around everywhere without shoes. (Ok, not really, but I thought I would throw that in there for those of you who have never visited these parts.)

Needless to say, things have been pretty low-key and we haven't really gotten out of the house much. I stay in as much as I can and am still trying to get things put away while still keeping up with the daily demands of a house. It is working out pretty well so far. Today is Emory's Friday, so we are looking forward to a long weekend together! It should be fun, and a lot of time spent indoors!

Happy Thursday! Have a great one and stay cool!


  1. That's one thing I don't miss about living in Huntsville is the summer heat! It was sooo hot down there in the summer!

  2. This summer heat in TN is killing me...I can't even imagine how hot it is in Alabama! Stay cool & try not to melt :)!