Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Laughing is so much fun.
Laughing is contagious.
I LOVE to laugh, I laugh when I hear other people laughing.
Don't you just LOVE to laugh?

Yesterday when E was walking out the door, I said, what should I blog about today? He said, I dunno, write something funny, make me laugh. People, I seriously thought about that all day yesterday. I just couldn't be funny on command. I couldn't think of anything that has happened lately that is funny. Except when running one morning some ducks scared the pee out of me, but you had to be there I think and you have to know my pure hatred to anything that has feathers and flies.
I also thought about how my body is giving me a taste of what it is going to be like to be old. Complete with achy knees, falling asleep at 9 even after an afternoon nap, watching the news in the morning, at noon, and at 5 and 6. It is amusing to me seeing how I am not even half way to 50 just yet. But again, something you just have to see.

So, last night, we were enjoying each other and poking fun, and just laughing. Pure and simple, innocent laughter. We were laughing at each other, with each other and out of love. It was just so much fun. I am SO thankful that I am able to enjoy that. I remember times when I didn't really do much of that. But now, things are so happy, carefree and so full of love! So, E, sorry I didn't write you a funny post, but thanks for making me laugh, laughing at me, and laughing with me! Here is to many more years of it!!

On another note....running is still going great, we are up to 2 miles straight already. It is going well, and it really makes you feel great. Tomorrow, I am SO excited. I get to have lunch with a friend that I knew back in middle school, then she moved to Washington and I haven't seen her since. Well, she is back and it is going to be SO MUCH FUN catching up. I will have to post pictures and let you all know how it goes! It is Wednesday! Which means we are almost at the down side of the week!! Hope you have a great Wednesday and a great rest of the week. Laugh often!


  1. laughing makes me feel good too :)
    i love that my fiance makes me laugh ALL the time!
    happy wednesday my friend! have a great lunch with your friend tomorrow!

  2. I love laughing too. esp. with Aidyn! His laugh cracks me up! I love good belly laughs!

    Congrats on running! :)) And have a good time catching up! Nothing is like lunch with an old friend

  3. Found your blog through a friend and have really enjoyed reading your blog. Look forward to reading more!

  4. I think laughter makes everything a little bit brighter! Have fun catching up with your friend.

  5. Eeeks i totally know what you mean about feeling old. i have a sore ankle and sore joints in general, stiff back, and i can't remember getting hurt. it's creeping up on me!!! so scary. but glad i'm not the only one, and congrats on your running successes!!!