Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyway friend


Last night I was at home packing some of my stuff and watching some of my DVR'd shows. I watched the rest of Private Practice and it was really cute. A little background (if you don't watch the show, you probably won't get it, but the point in the end is all that matters anyway) Mya is Sam and Naomi's (Sam and Naomi are divorced now) 15 year old daughter. She recently found out she is pregnant and wanted to get married. So, even though they don't agree with it, Sam has agreed to sign the papers for her to get married, because he knows he probably won't see his daughter if he doesn't. Naomi chooses to just ignore the situation and not have anything to do with it. So Sam plans the wedding without Naomi, eventually on Mya's wedding day, Naomi comes around and realizes that it is more important to put her feelings aside and be there for her daughter on her wedding day. She shows up to the wedding just as Sam is about to walk Mya down the aisle and is there to be part of her day. At the reception, Sam gives the father of the bride toast and it was really cute, and really got me thinking.....he made a speech about Mya saying he was her "anyway friend" and that he hopes she has found another anyway friend in her new husband.

Now, if you are like me, you are like an anyway friend? What is that? Well, he goes on to explain that an anyway friend is someone who, no matter what is going on, no matter what you do, say, look like, they still love you anyway, they are still your friend anyway. It really got me to thinking about the people in my life. I am not one to really open up to people, but if I do, I love hard and I give it my all. I have only found a few people who are capable of looking beyond the here and now and being an anyway friend. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we treated everyone who was close to us as an anyway friend? No matter what people did or what we did, we knew we could count on those closest to us to be an anyway friend. Oh, our lives would be so much happier! I am thankful for my anyway friends, and thankful I am gaining another one for life soon, and I hope that people know that I can be their anyway friend.

Just a thought. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Aw, that's really cute. I don't watch the show but it sounds like it was a good episode!

  2. Aaaw, well I also watched Private Practice last night. we were outta town this past weekend for my boy's bday so we did grey's sunday and Private practice last night. these are the only shows I watch religiously. Anyway, last night's episode, and that toast... and really the last 20 mins, had me on the brink of tears. I am not one to cry at TV so maybe i am just emotional or PMS-ey or something.. but seriously, i was QUITE moved, so i'm glad i'm not the only one!!

  3. Aw. I haven't watched that episode yet (I'm sad about catching up on my DVR) but it sounds so sweet! And it's so true. We really do need 'anyway friends'. I'm glad I've found a few. :)

  4. Im a new follower to your blog.I like your name by the way,lol.I havent seen that episode yet,but who doesnt need anyway friends, we all do,in my life im blessed with so many!~~Becky

  5. I love catching up on my DVR shows!! Wonderful nights! Happy Wednesday!

  6. I LOVE this, Becky! What a sweet concept. I emailed this post to my "anyway" friends to say thanks.

    PS...send me your snail mail address! :)