Thursday, December 10, 2009

I think.....

That God reads my blog. Seriously, yesterday I wrote Him a letter wondering why there were such warm temperatures on a December day. (The high was almost 80!) This morning I get up to run and had to run in LOTS of layers and my hands felt like I had stuck them in cold water and they froze immediately. Yep. But I am really not complaining! I am sure that is how the weather is going to be when I run my 5K next weekend! But it is December, that is how it is supposed to be! Anyway, I am gearing up for a busy day (or two) at work, so I have to make it short. I will leave you with the three things on my love for Mt. Olive Hamburger Dill chips (dinner last night), Cheezits (my favorite snack), and the fact that E comes home TOMORROW! Yay! Now, I am going to try to warm up, keep my eyes open and get busy with my day! Happy Friday Eve! Roll Tide! ;)


  1. Yeah!
    Deighted there was a chill in the air for your run! Hope it sticks around!
    Good for you! I'm impressed! Running a 5k!
    I just starting doing intervals of running in my 3-4.5 mile walks! Is this how you built up your running? Any running tips? Do you run with an ipod?
    Delighted your hubby is due to arrive home soon!
    Oh...and I love Cheezits!

  2. yay for you and running a 5k! i've been running a few miles every day and i have to say, i'm loving it and getting addicted. running and i have never gotten along ;)

    enjoy the rest of your day and have a wonderful weekend hun!!

  3. Oh I forgot about cheezits! Had not heard anyone mention that snakc in a long time!! :D

    Good day my friend!!

  4. God does read blogs--I needed a laugh and He gave me one...

  5. YUM, I love Cheezits too! I can sit down and eat the whole box if I don't watch myself!!

    It was ccoolldd here to ALL day. I don't think it got over 35 degrees all day! BRRRR.

  6. I think God reads blogs too. I think it is a way to express yourself!!! :-) cute blog!!!! I love CHEEZITS!!! If I start on them, I cant stop!! ha!!