Monday, January 16, 2012

Roll Tide!

Well, I know I am a week behind the world, but it is hard to find time to sit down and just write! Although , I think I am going to try to make a point to do this at least three times a week! I really miss the outlet of getting to write to you guys and feel like people are reading and are responding!! So, here is a catch-up from the first couple of weeks of 2012....

1. It has gone by in a blur! I can't believe today is already January 16th! That is just crazy to me! This year is already starting to fly by!
2. Alabama (my Alma Mater) won the National Championship!! My house was ELATED at the win and we are so excited that the SEC can celebrate a NC 6 years in a row, and Alabama can bring the trophy back to Tuscaloosa after such a tumultuous year for the city and state! Roll Tide!!
3. I have made it my goal this year to spend more time with friends! I rarely have free time and I think it is important to work on the relationships with close friends! I started that yesterday with my best friend from high school! We lost touch after graduation and have both gone on to get married (both the Engineers) and she has had two kids! But we recently got back in touch and you would think we never missed a day! We spend about 6 hours together laughing, talking, shopping and eating (a girl's dream day, right?) and we had a blast! We definitely need to make it a point to do this more often!
4. My husband is the best! We have also made it a point to spend LOTS of time together this year. We truly are best friends and love spending time together! We have done a great job of that so far. I love him!
5. I am getting back into school. As reluctant as I am to have to get back to it, I am but it isn't easy! Remember that sweet husband I was telling you about and my friends? I wish I could spend some of the time I have to dedicate to school to having fun with them, but it will come right?
6. Organization! I have made it a point to get organized this year. I am already pretty organized, but I want to stay that way. Since I spend most of my time at work, this is where I started. I have a calendar to keep everything up to date and a new bin on my desk to help keep track of all of the work I have coming, going and in between! In my job, there is A LOT of paper and dates are the most important thing! But, so far (16 days in and it seems to be working.)
7. Blog more! I have already said this, but I felt it needed to be said again.
8. Exercise! I don't want to set any goals really, because I have nothing in mind, and I have very little extra time, but I think we need to maybe take more walks and just clear our heads more, plus I know two furry boys who LOVE the walks!!

Hope your 2012 is off to a great start!! I hope you all start coming back around this little corner more often! Let me know you stopped by too, as you probably know, it makes things better when you hear from people!

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  1. I'm always reading! Good luck on your 'goals' - I always find it super neat to read what others are striving for, it's encouraging!