Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas is only 53 days away today!! Oh my!

Did you know that as of today there are only 53 days until Christmas? Really? I can’t believe that today is the first day of November!! It is my first Christmas as a wife! I am SO excited! I would decorate tomorrow if we weren’t hosting Thanksgiving at our house! But you better believe that the weekend after, everything is going up! Since this has been a big year for us, I really would like to send out some special Christmas cards! Especially to people who were unable to come to the wedding or people who I don’t talk to that often! Since we have gotten married, been to France for our Honeymoon and added a furry addition to our family, I think it is safe to say that a photo card would be the best way to go! I usually just send out about 10 or 20 cards to people that I pick up from the generic card section, but I think 2010 was our year and we should share it in pictures! Shutterfly has some of the cutest cards! I don’t think one photo would be enough for us! I think we need about 4! One from our wedding, one from our honeymoon and one for each of our furry kids! They are after all, part of the Winters family too!

I like this one, because it has room to add what happened throughout the year! But I am not sure if it is too much. Although I think I like it!

I also LOVE this one because of the monogram (since it is our first Christmas as a family) and the room for pictures!

This one is cute too! It also has the monogram, but not as many pictures!

Which one is your favorite?? Please help me out! Also, if you too would like 50 free cards, check out Shutterfly’s blogger promotion and see how you can too!!


  1. is it already November?! I want to put our Christmas tree up pronto! :)

    I really like the second one! :)

  2. i have a weakness for monograms...let me know which one you pick...cause i might take the other one :)

  3. I can't believe it's almost CHRISTMAS either! HOLY COW!

    I love all the cards you picked out - how can you choose?!? LoL

  4. I really like the second one! Your blog is too cute! I can't believe it's November! I really need to get moving on my Christmas shopping!

  5. I can't believe it's soooo close!!!! I started getting christmas card addresses together today and shopping!!!

  6. I really, really like the second one! Gosh, I can't believe it's already time to pick out Christmas cards. Where has the year gone?!