Thursday, October 14, 2010

It is now October....

MIDDLE October to be exact, and I haven't been here since September! Shame on me! Well, I have some good excuses! I have been busy busy busy! Last week, we had fall break at work and we were off all break. Of course I didn't really take a break, I do have a puppy at home who is a huge ball of energy, and some other things to take care of. Emory and I decided to tackle the task of painting our dining room! We painted it a deep red, which was a huge undertaking! But, it was WELL worth it and the room is now beautiful! I might mention that we have 12 foot ceilings, so it was no easy process! But, it is done and looks great!

This weekend, we are going to Georgia for by BFF Jennifer's wedding! I am so excited! I think I mentioned her engagement way back in August of 2009! They got engaged at Disney World and are now getting married! So, it has been a long time coming and I couldn't be more excited! There is a whole list of things to do leading up to the wedding, so it should be a packed weekend for sure!!

Today is my brother's birthday! He is now 31 years old! I can't believe we are getting so old!!

Lastly, my wonderful husband defended his thesis yesterday and PASSED! That was great news and I know he is glad it is over! Now to see what is next, we don't know! Maybe a PhD? We shall see!

Well, sorry I have no pictures this post, but I promise some will come after the weekend! They are long overdue! Have a wonderful weekend, and I will be back on Monday hopefully!!


  1. Have a great time at your friends wedding!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on over there!

  3. You're quite a busy little bee :)