Monday, October 25, 2010

I don't care for Mondays....

They really are no different than any other day, except  they are a brutal reminder that the weekend is over and all together too short! I wish we had a more equal distribution of the work week and a relaxing weekend! Two days is just not long enough after working 5! It really is no fun! Then you have to spend Monday catching up to the back log of emails that you have acquired over the weekend then after lunch is about when I get to actually start my day after emails! It is crazy! It seems like that is all I do is send emails and make to do lists. Rinse and repeat!

Anyway...I can't belive this is the last week of October and November is right around the corner! Does this surprise you too? I just can't belive it at all! I mean before you know it, Christmas will be here! This year has been a whirlwind and has FLOWN by! Who knows, it may just be me because I have had sucha crazy, life changing year!

Well, here is to a new week! I hope it is a great week for everyone! My goal is to blog everyday this week! Fingers crossed I can get that done!


  1. I COMPLETELY agree. Mondays are blah! Oh and you're not alone, this year has flown by. It seems like just a few months ago it was January and we were ringing in 2010!

  2. I feel the same way about Mondays...can Friday come NOW!?!?

  3. I'm soooo with you on an equal distribution of work week/weekend. I vote for working 4 days and 3 day weekends. We'd all be more productive!