Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did we skip Spring?

I have lived in the South (in different parts of Alabama) my whole life! Now, don't get me wrong, I am a summer kind of girl, but seriously? It is HOT already and it is only April. Yes, that's right APRIL, not AUGUST! If it is this hot now, I can only imagine what it is going to be like in the summer! I was not expecting to have the heat this early, but it is here and it seems as if it is here to stay.

Anyway, despite the already climbing temperatures, I went to a baseball game last night. And I must say, the weather was perfect. I have always liked baseball, but sometimes it can drag on. The point of me mentioning the baseball game was not for me to tell you about the weather or the length of the sport, but to question the choosing of some of the team's mascots. Ours is the Biscuits. Yes, the Biscuits, as in the stable carb for a Southern breakfast table. He even has butter as a tongue and his name is Monty. I think every time I go to a game, I question where this came from and find it so funny. You may not get the humor until you go to a game and see these "Biscuits" everywhere. At my first game, they even threw them out to the crowd.

The mascot is even this ant eater looking thing named Moe the Biscuit Eater. Yes, I am serious. So, today I have been wondering why in the world would you ever do this to a team of professional athletes, not to mention the city that hosts them? Well, today I found my answer. Blame Mr. Tripp Vickers who entered the name "Montgomery Biscuits" into a naming contest and was chosen! He even went so far as to say that the name Biscuits would be a good choice because "It’s playful and fun, plus who doesn’t like Biscuits? All Alabamians like ‘em." You just want to say, Yeah, we like them on the breakfast table, but not on the baseball field. Come on!

Well, sorry about my rant on the Montgomery Biscuits. They are a great team, and have done well in the 6 seasons they have been in Montgomery. They were even named Southern League Champions two years in a row. At least their colors are good. (Blue and Gold)

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