Monday, May 21, 2012

Trying Again

I think every month I say that I am going to be a better blogger. I am always reading everyone else's blogs and thinking, "I really need to update my blog!" Honestly, so many things happen and my life is going a million miles an hour, I just forget to slow down and take it all in! I live by my calendar and my phone! So, maybe if I put "Update Blog" as a recurring appointment on my calendar, I will remember to update my blog everyday! I can't believe I have finished a semester of law school (and started a new one) since my last post! That is what takes up most of my time! Also, we are starting to really settle into our house and make it our own! My this time next week, we will be carpet free and in the middle of putting down hardwood floors throughout the house! I am SO excited and I will keep you updated on the progress! We have thrown around the idea of painting (we haven't really decorated much until we decide what we want to do) while we have no carpet and no floors, but we just aren't sure. The floors are going to be a mountain to tackle alone, we aren't sure we want to add painting to the mix as well. But, I do promise to keep you all updated and I will add blogging to my daily calendar! So, it's a date! Expect to hear from me much more often! ;)

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  1. Welcome back to blogger! I was just going through my reader and wondering how school was going for you!