Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still here!

I can't believe I have been gone for so long! I mean I am here, reading away, just not posting or commenting! But for good reason...
I have been so sick! First I had a major toothache, went to the dentist and then a specialist who determined I needed another root canal (already had one on this tooth) but he can't do it until the 21st! So I am on pain meds and staying away from anything hot or cold until then! Next, I got hit with a major sinus infection! Like unable to physically get out of bed sick! It has been rough. But I am getting better everyday! My sister in law is getting married this weekend five hours away, so I have to feel better because emory and I are in it! But, just wanted to check in. I am blogging from my phone because our internet modem died and I am waiting on emory to hook up the other one tonight! Hopefully I will be back at it now!


  1. Oh you poor thing. Feel better soon, and hope you have a great time at the wedding.

  2. Get well NOW (as opposed to soon :) )

  3. :( I hope you get to feeling better! I hate not hearing from you!